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Basic Elements of Kitchen Design

Every homeowner wants their kitchen looking gorgeous from all angles. They want as many of the modern amenities incorporated in their kitchen’s design as possible. Unfortunately, kitchen design isn’t all about appliances and appurtenances. There are other factors to consider, each as essential as the next. This is why it’s crucial to let a kitchen design specialist like Uzit Kitchens have a role in the construction or renovation of your kitchen. To give you an idea how differently yet efficiently their approach to this task is, here are the major aspects of kitchen design that an expert would consider.

Kitchen Layout

Before you start browsing Amazon for a new fridge or stove, make sure that every element your kitchen needs is carefully laid out. Of course, you are free to put or add anything you desire in the drawing, but keep in mind that unless you are an architect or engineer yourself, odds are you might fail to draw the layout to the right scale. This is where your hired kitchen expert comes in. They will correct and improve your layout while making sure all your wanted items are included. They will even suggest additions based on what will increase the value and appeal of your home.

The layout should include what is known in architecture and interior design as the “kitchen triangle”. This is the setup in which the key elements of a kitchen—fridge, stove, and sink—are arranged in such a way that they are not adjacent to each other, consequently forming a triangle. This will allow you to efficiently and safely move around the kitchen. So a tip when creating a layout of your kitchen is to plot the kitchen triangle first and then the rest afterwards.

Floor Material

The next thing you have to think about is the kitchen floor. It has to have the right colour and texture not only to look pleasant but also for functional reasons. A dark-coloured and slippery floor may cause accidents, especially since kitchen chores often involve spills. A brighter colour is a great choice because it helps enhance the lighting in your kitchen. The floor must be easy to clean and resistant to heavy foot traffic as well. Hardwood and bamboo floors are popular  kitchen floor material options at the moment.

Kitchen Storage

Now you can start thinking about drawers and shelves, another must-have in any kitchen. Decide whether there will be hanging cabinets or you’d like all storage to be underneath the counter space. Well, if it’s a functional kitchen you are trying to build, having as many hanging shelves as possible is the best way to go. Make sure to maximise all possible space in the kitchen that can be utilised for storage—the side and doors of cabinets, the space under the sink, and even small corners hidden from view.


Your kitchen must have as much lighting as possible, especially if it’s at the centre of your house where no natural lighting can reach it. You may consider installing a skylight so that you can have natural lighting during the day or perhaps you have access to great windows. It would also be better to make sure that the kitchen is in an area of the house that overlooks the outdoors and the living areas.

All of these elements are essential in building or renovating the perfect kitchen. Only a skilled kitchen builder or renovator can guarantee superb workmanship that takes all of them into account. They also know where to get the highest quality materials necessary for making a kitchen that stands out in the neighbourhood.

Different Ways to Make Money with Real Estate

Real estate is considered to be one of the best investments of all time and especially now. With the constant rise and fall of cryptocurrencies and markets revolving around minerals and food products that affect the markets.
When purchasing real estate, you don’t need a large of money to even begin with. All you need is some source of capital that is big enough to afford a small apartment or house. It doesn’t even have to be big either, all you need to begin with is that little bit of money.

You can, in fact, buy real estate with as little as $500, to begin with. Sounds crazy, but it’s not.
If you’re looking to invest in real estate, you first of all, just like with making money online, need a strategy to kick off your journey. You need to know about real estate and how it affects the markets. There is, unfortunately, no easy money to be found anywhere in the world. Well, except if you consider cryptocurrency, but even that has its downfalls and if not done correctly, can cost you much more than you earn.


Making Money with Real Estate is Easier than You Think
The first thing you need to know about making money with real estate is that you don’t even require credit, nor a large amount of capital to begin with. In fact, you’re even allowed to have poor credit.
Regarding capital, to start out, you’ll only need a couple of hundred dollars to open an escrow. You also don’t have to worry about having assets. It’s that easy.

Different Methods to Make Money in Real Estate
One method of making money from real estate and generating a passive income involves buying and holding property. One can also generate an active source of income by adding renovations and value to the property and even flipping contracts.

There are various other methods to be able to generate an income from real estate.
• Lease options – If you’d like to get involved in making money with real estate without using too much capital, you can lease or if you want, buy, property to make some extra cash. The only thing you have to be wary of is whether the market is climbing, or not. If you are purchasing at a low price and the market increases, you can easily make money especially when you lease or buy at a discount.

• Residential rentals (Long-term) – When you invest in a long-term real estate or choose to hold residential estate, you automatically have a source of income as people will always need a place to live. The number one thing you need to focus on is the location where you choose to buy. If you choose the right location, you can lease or sell your property instantly and at a high price too. You can also wait a few years until the real estate’s price increases before you sell, so you make a good amount of profit while investing in real estate.

• Contract Flipping – Another easy way to make money with real estate, without having to invest a lot of money, is to flip contracts. Flipping contracts can be simple. If you can find a seller that needs to sell their property urgently, as well as a buyer that can buy instantly, you can easily make money.

• Purchase and Resell – If you know a property is a great buy, you could potentially purchase this and make some very simply changes to the place yourself. Things like cleaning up the yard, house washing, and shrub removal all make the outside of a property much more appealing to a potential buyer, and can be done at a very low cost.

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The Most Affordable Places to Live in the World

If you’re living in a wealthy country and are looking to move abroad, chances are you’ll be able to find a residential property that costs you half of what you’re currently spending on your house or apartment. What’s more is, if you’re living in a place where it is considered expensive to live in, it’s probably related to many other factors, apart from housing expenses.
Countries that have expensive real estate usually also have higher living expenses. It is true, especially when it comes to food, goods, utilities, fuel expenses and more.

Locations with the Lowest Living Costs in the World

Previously known to be one of the hottest locations in America, Honduras is the perfect place to relocate to if you’re living in a state that’s considered too expensive for your liking. What you have to be wary of is choosing a property in Roatan, which is located outside of the city and is considered to be the safest.
The country embraces the sights of the Caribbean waters, has tropical beaches, a California-like laid-back lifestyle, snorkelling and islands that will blow you away.

As another country that’s considered to be relatively cheap to live in, Mexico has lower than average housing expenses and apart from inflation rising the last couple of year, the country’s living expenses are still far cheaper than nearly any state in North America, or any country such as London, Australia and Canada to name a few. Service fees regarding professional builders and any service are also considered to be a lot cheaper than most places.
Other than that, Mexico boasts with the most beautiful beaches, making a holiday home in Mexico seems like a dream of its own.


With a reasonable exchange rate to the dollar, Columbia’s economy is looking quite useful when it comes to the residential real estate market and the cost of living expenses. The cost of food, dining out and entertainment is also considered to be quite low and affordable to all the country’s residents.
Apart from its beautiful culture, Columbians are also considered to some of the most welcoming people in the world. Along with transportation systems that are both effective and cost-efficient, Columbia is ready to welcome both tourists and permanent residents.

Being one of the cheaper countries in Central America, Guatemala, much like Honduras, also have a high crime rate, but much like most South American countries, there is a good and a bad.
If you’re looking to buy property in Guatemala, you can have a look at Lake Atitlan, which is one of the least expensive residential areas to live and also has the lowest crime rate in the whole country. With an average salary of $600 per month and low living expenses, Guatemala is another excellent addition to the list of best places to buy property at the lowest prices.

The Best Locations to Invest in Real Estate

Looking to invest in real estate somewhere outside of your home country? Perhaps you’d like to invest to be able to travel more or would like to add another source of income to your name. Whatever the case might be, investing in real estate, especially in countries where residential property is in high demand, is an extremely good idea.

If you think about countries that are prone to natural disasters or perhaps have a higher rate of poverty than average or even developing countries, it’s probably not the best choice to invest in property in these countries.

If you think more about popular destinations and places that are in high demand when it comes to residential property, it’s far better to bet on a worthy investment on such property than any property in the above mentioned rural conditions.
The Top Locations for Real Estate Investment

Once thought to be a city to be more on the dangerous side, Panama is considered to be a tropical wonder with beaches ranging from both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
The fact that Panama has two oceans surrounding it makes it an extremely popular destination for tourists and even more so for those who’d like to buy property.
Panama is situated between North and South America, which makes it a best of both America’s type of place. Another bonus is that Panama isn’t affected by most negative global real estate factors, which makes it a worthy investment altogether with its perks.

Costa Rica
Considered to be a stable country and the ever so popular holiday destination, Costa Rica is another excellent location for property investment.
Apart from being not as wealthy as most countries, living in Costa Rica is a lot cheaper, making it the perfect destination to buy real estate and experience a wonderful holiday experience. If you’re planning on leasing your property to tourists, you’ll even be able to make more money on your property than you’ve spent buying it in no time.

What’s the fuss about Thailand these days? We mean, have you seen their beaches? Or, how about the millions of tourists looking for a place to stay when they flock to the glorious island.
Can you imagine purchasing real estate in Malaysia? Your property will always have visitors, which means a passive income for you all year round. Malaysia is considered to be one of the best locations for real estate investments in the world.


Considering that Spain is less talked about than France or Italy, people best feast their eyes on the far western side of Europe as there is much to see and a lot of opportunities to invest in property too.
Spain is a perfect place to own property. Since their economy has increased, in recent years, it’s not just the beaches and rich history that attract tourists from all over the world, but the opportunity to start a business invest in real estate too.

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