Looking to invest in real estate somewhere outside of your home country? Perhaps you’d like to invest to be able to travel more or would like to add another source of income to your name. Whatever the case might be, investing in real estate, especially in countries where residential property is in high demand, is an extremely good idea.

If you think about countries that are prone to natural disasters or perhaps have a higher rate of poverty than average or even developing countries, it’s probably not the best choice to invest in property in these countries.

If you think more about popular destinations and places that are in high demand when it comes to residential property, it’s far better to bet on a worthy investment on such property than any property in the above mentioned rural conditions.
The Top Locations for Real Estate Investment

Once thought to be a city to be more on the dangerous side, Panama is considered to be a tropical wonder with beaches ranging from both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea.
The fact that Panama has two oceans surrounding it makes it an extremely popular destination for tourists and even more so for those who’d like to buy property.
Panama is situated between North and South America, which makes it a best of both America’s type of place. Another bonus is that Panama isn’t affected by most negative global real estate factors, which makes it a worthy investment altogether with its perks.

Costa Rica
Considered to be a stable country and the ever so popular holiday destination, Costa Rica is another excellent location for property investment.
Apart from being not as wealthy as most countries, living in Costa Rica is a lot cheaper, making it the perfect destination to buy real estate and experience a wonderful holiday experience. If you’re planning on leasing your property to tourists, you’ll even be able to make more money on your property than you’ve spent buying it in no time.

What’s the fuss about Thailand these days? We mean, have you seen their beaches? Or, how about the millions of tourists looking for a place to stay when they flock to the glorious island.
Can you imagine purchasing real estate in Malaysia? Your property will always have visitors, which means a passive income for you all year round. Malaysia is considered to be one of the best locations for real estate investments in the world.


Considering that Spain is less talked about than France or Italy, people best feast their eyes on the far western side of Europe as there is much to see and a lot of opportunities to invest in property too.
Spain is a perfect place to own property. Since their economy has increased, in recent years, it’s not just the beaches and rich history that attract tourists from all over the world, but the opportunity to start a business invest in real estate too.