If you’re living in a wealthy country and are looking to move abroad, chances are you’ll be able to find a residential property that costs you half of what you’re currently spending on your house or apartment. What’s more is, if you’re living in a place where it is considered expensive to live in, it’s probably related to many other factors, apart from housing expenses.
Countries that have expensive real estate usually also have higher living expenses. It is true, especially when it comes to food, goods, utilities, fuel expenses and more.

Locations with the Lowest Living Costs in the World

Previously known to be one of the hottest locations in America, Honduras is the perfect place to relocate to if you’re living in a state that’s considered too expensive for your liking. What you have to be wary of is choosing a property in Roatan, which is located outside of the city and is considered to be the safest.
The country embraces the sights of the Caribbean waters, has tropical beaches, a California-like laid-back lifestyle, snorkelling and islands that will blow you away.

As another country that’s considered to be relatively cheap to live in, Mexico has lower than average housing expenses and apart from inflation rising the last couple of year, the country’s living expenses are still far cheaper than nearly any state in North America, or any country such as London, Australia and Canada to name a few. Service fees regarding professional builders and any service are also considered to be a lot cheaper than most places.
Other than that, Mexico boasts with the most beautiful beaches, making a holiday home in Mexico seems like a dream of its own.


With a reasonable exchange rate to the dollar, Columbia’s economy is looking quite useful when it comes to the residential real estate market and the cost of living expenses. The cost of food, dining out and entertainment is also considered to be quite low and affordable to all the country’s residents.
Apart from its beautiful culture, Columbians are also considered to some of the most welcoming people in the world. Along with transportation systems that are both effective and cost-efficient, Columbia is ready to welcome both tourists and permanent residents.

Being one of the cheaper countries in Central America, Guatemala, much like Honduras, also have a high crime rate, but much like most South American countries, there is a good and a bad.
If you’re looking to buy property in Guatemala, you can have a look at Lake Atitlan, which is one of the least expensive residential areas to live and also has the lowest crime rate in the whole country. With an average salary of $600 per month and low living expenses, Guatemala is another excellent addition to the list of best places to buy property at the lowest prices.